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  • The February 2021 Postcard History Quiz

    The February 2021 Postcard History Quiz


    Editor’s Staff The Feburary 2021 Postcard History Quiz If you participated in the January 2021 Quiz, click here to see your score. The February 2021 Postcard History Quiz Postcard History welcomes you to February. This is the second in the 2021 series. Charles ChaplinThe deadline for this quiz will be 11:59 PM, Friday, February 19. CHAPLIN…

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George “Burt” Martin


Large numbers should never scare you, except on price tags. If you really are mathematically challenged, don’t be intimidated even if it is too large to comprehend. Here is a large number – 120,000,000 – that may make you gasp, but after a visit to Niagara Falls you will know the details and understand its meaning, it’s just a “drop-in-a-bucket.”

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