New York City Skyscrapers – The Art Deco Era

The Art Deco style came to life in France at the end of the 1910s, but few places in the world adopted the eye-pleasing style of architecture and design the way it was in New York City. Everything new, buildings, bridges, cinemas, ocean liners, cars, and even kitchen appliances were redesigned. Art Deco was new and fresh; just what everyone wanted.

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October 5, 2022

Columbus Day, a federal holiday, is coming up on October 10, so we went searching for a Columbus Day postcard. To our chagrin, we not only couldn’t find one but, after numerous phone calls and auction site searches, concluded that there never has been a Columbus Day postcard. His first voyage ended in the Bahamas, so the card above is from the capital, Nassau. But wait, there’s more! The movement to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day is gathering steam. 10 states are already on board, some by renaming the holiday and others by celebrating the two days concurrently. 10 others have issued proclamations. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The website Mashable has a great story on how the Detroit Publishing Company began to use what they called the “photochrom” process to produce realistic color postcards. It quotes Detroit as saying “The results combine the truthfulness of a photograph with the color and richness of an oil painting or the delicate tinting of the most exquisite watercolor. The colors are absolutely permanent and attain the virility and strength of nature so often lacking in hand colored work.” The glorious images are from the Library of Congress and they’re stunning.

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