The Glory of a Lion is His Mane

A drawing of a lion, with a hidden message in his mane, is a curiosity no collector could resist. This one example of a popular postcard is neither rare nor valuable, but it certainly is interesting. The characters include a commonwealth, a symbol of courage, and a man with courageous concern for his fellowmen.

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At Midnight in Moonlight

For the first time in history a fictional character in a dime novel introduces the world to an historical event unequalled in history and one that can never be repeated. And, an anonymous contributor emailed us a postcard with a three-word message – “Check this out!”

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A Ship with Four Names

Changing names can be complicated, whether it be a new bride, a street name, or an aircraft carrier, such events require paperwork, advertising, and much more. When the history of the cruise ship Albert Ballin was written there were four name changes.

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News and

November 29, 2023

Postcard History has from time to time referred to, and even posted, articles on the suffrage issue in America. What we’ve never come across until now is a serious public collection of suffrage postcards. The Palczewski Suffrage Postcard Archive  at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa has remedied this omission nicely. The collection is divided into categories such as artists or image type, and we’re mystified why not all the thumbnails are enlargeable, but then, nobody’s perfect. Take a look.

Those of us who look at the back of postcards are at least somewhat familiar with the 3-leaf clover with A-N-C in the leaves, either on their own or in a barbell-shape. ANC stands for “American News Company,” whose main business for nearly 100 years was distributing magazines and other materials country-wide. Our friends at WikiMedia Commons  have assembled a glimpse of 84 postcards that the company issued before its 1957 demise.

Sorry To Hear Your Parakeet Died!

Perhaps it is a wonderful thing that postcards cover so many topics. We know that postcards aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and when you read the story of how this article was titled, you’ll have a finer understanding of individual differences.

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Some Thoughts About Early Postcard Collectors

Early postcard collectors are enigmas to most of us because we collect in such different ways than they did. We attend postcard shows and select every card we buy; they waited for the letter carrier to deliver the mail. It may have been a long, tedious way to amass a collection, but everyday brought a new surprise.

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