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  • Maud Humphrey and Her Art

    Maud Humphrey and Her Art


    It is rare for a Hollywood actor to have a mother who is equally famous. Maud Humphrey was such a person. Her famous son, Humphrey Bogart, star of more than 70 movies, was her only son. Maud gained her fame as an artist and illustrator. In her long career she produced nearly 30,000 illustrations for…

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It is happening more often these days. We who work at Postcard History are discovering that a postcard may be the last remnant of the scene on the card. Homes, schools, churches, public buildings like city halls, libraries, court houses; they are all gone. New has replaced the old. Urban renewal is the catch phrase; build is the watchword. But when it comes to people – Wait-a-Minute!

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