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  • Our National Parksin Ten Words or Less at Yelp

    Our National Parks
    in Ten Words or Less at Yelp


    We historians, whether professional or amateur, casual or serious, real or imagined have many conceptual ideas about how history should be taught, learned, excepted as truth or fancy, and used to make decisions. Without regard to how history is learned we look at the “younger” generations and shake our heads thinking, “will they ever learn?”…

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Ray Hahn
There is a certain feeling of accomplishment when you find something lost or learn something new! It also happens when you’re looking for a person, especially when the person shares their name with others. While looking for Agnes Richardson, there it was, a 44-year-old classified ad in The London Observer asking for Biographical Details for an art museum exhibit. At least six of the people whose names appear in the ad are postcard artists.

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