Adventures that Feed the Soul

The separation of church and state is a constitutional concept that works well. However, there are regions where parishioners and politicians can peacefully co-exist. New Mexico has a long history of working together using faith and legislation as cornerstones.

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There Were Six in a Bed

“Six in a Bed” examines the odds of two sets of triplets in one family. Six in a bed may have been a bit crowded, but at one time it may have been a norm – uncomfortable, agreed, but the only way to get a night’s sleep.

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Charles Lindbergh, Aviator

Charles A. Lindbergh. Hero or scoundrel? There are men of Lindbergh’s calibre in every generation. They come to light is a blaze of glory and end in gloom and darkness, not knowing why the fates chose them to be “famous” or having any idea of their impact on society.

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News and

September 21, 2022

“There are always,” says the sub-headline of this July 19, 2016 article from Smithsonian magazine, “those who resist societal change.” True enough, as we all know from our own countries. But the drawn-out battle over women’s suffrage feels, somehow and in retrospect, like it was never-ending. It divided families and whole communities. But there was an upside — delicious polemical broadsides from one side or the other via postcards. Many of these cards were also humorous, and that’s what this article highlights.

When Postcard History remembered the life and accomplishments of Dr. Richard Moulton a couple of weeks ago, you may have missed the references to his great achievements, the creation of the Tuck postcard database and the Tuck postcard ephemera database. We bring this up because some people may believe that, with his death, the databases may disappear. In fact, neither of these two resources are static. We urge you to check your Tuck cards with those that are shown and sign up for the forums.

Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions should not be left for the New Year, there is too much to do during the holidays. Start now, make your resolutions, lay-in whatever supplies you need, and start today. If you work hard at your new resolutions, you’ll be a new person by New Year’s Eve.

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The Eight Capitol Murals

The Capitol of the United States holds eight of the most historical painting in the world. The B. S. Reynolds Company published postcard of each one. We have them to share with our readers.

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