The Stately Mansions of Natchez

Architecture in America is one of academia’s most captivating studies. The range comes from teepees and log cabins to skyscraper towers of steel and glass. One very exacting phase of the art concentrates on the unique Southern Colonial home. The choice and character of the standard features are often celebrated with colonnades and chandeliers.

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Changing a name can be a complicated task, but many names are changed every day. Through the years some name changes have been necessary and amusing. Some are for good, some not. Postcards are the perfect medium to illustrate name changes.

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February 24, 2021

Week 2021

“When I make a mistake, it’s a beaut,” said Fiorello La Guardia.

We made a hash of our post on National Postcard Week last week. We should have written the following: It’s that time of year again! National Postcard Week is May 2-8, 2021, a time when so many of us turn on our creative selves to make a postcard in celebration. It’s easy enough — the card can be between 3½ x 5½ inches to 4 x 6 inches, show this year’s date, and should be printed on card stock. Then mail ’em to your fellow collectors! Want to swap your card with others? Send an email with your name and address to Demaris Swint at requesting to be put on the swap list with your preference for receiving cards naked with a stamp or in an envelope. Making more than 1 card? Include that information. And be sure to send a card to Barr’s Postcard News and Ephemera Magazine, P.O. Box 720, Vinton, Iowa 51239-0720 because they’re going to show the cards in one of their May issues. Indicate whether you want to trade or sell and the price.

How can you not be interested in postcards that Cream of Cards TV describes as “Kung Fu Alarm Postcard” or “Stupid Inventions of Pointless Discoveries”? We’re not sure either, but the proprietor has done it. Check it out.

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One Year Ago This Week

My Bargain Friday AND Bonanza Saturday

A collector arrives a day early for the Old Dominion Postcard Show. So she browses the local used bookstore and comes across a coverless and battered copy of Alfred Tennyson’s Locksley Hall, for which she pays $2 plus tax. She reads it through and, next day at the show, finds the perfect postcard to illustrate it. All true.

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