Who is your favorite anemologist? You don’t have one? What a shame. Anemology is the study of wind. Postcard History welcomes guest contributor Alan Upton who shares his love of wind and postcards from his collection.

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Luxury American Homes

The concept of “a man’s house is his castle” first appeared in English common law in the 17th century. The sense of a safe home has been fundamental to civilization. “Luxury American Homes” shows men’s castles in three different places in America.

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Tea and the Taj Mahal

Tea drinkers around the world speak in their own special code. They say things like, “Put the kettle on” or “Don’t bruise the tea.” History has no ability to decode these social conventions, but if you care to have a cup, the kettle is always on at Ellie’s house.

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News and

May 12, 2021

Last Thursday, May 6, Postcard History published its 400th article. It’s hard for us to believe it too, but they flow like fresh water every week and show no signs of stopping. We’re grateful to our corps of editors who continue to develop new subjects and to the more than 50 authors who have written them. We hope we’re not jinxing things by saying we’re cautiously optimistic about things opening up, if not getting back to normal, but we’re seeing more shows appearing in our show calendar and by the developing number of clubs holding socially-distanced meetings or having speakers on Zoom.

May is a month with five Sundays. If you read Postcard History regularly, you know that in January a new series of articles began devoted to odd postcards. Odd cards are unrelated to most of what we collect, which makes them as unusual as fifth Sundays. The second episode will appear on May 30. Watch for it. It is a worthy continuation.

We’re probably more susceptible than many when it comes to a pretty face, so when we found we stopped doing whatever it was we were doing and, well, browsed. The proprietor describes this website as “dedicated to the female stars from the golden age of English Theatre. Some of the most beautiful women in England (and many from Europe and the USA) trod the boards of the many theatres to be found in London’s West End in those halcyon days.” There’s an initial image (usually a photograph) on each page, but scroll down and you’ll find the postcards.

Alpine Postkarten

Postcard History is pleased to introduce Owen Carrollson. Owen recently sent images of a ten-card set that is approaching 125 years old. A happy new year message on one of the set is dated December 17, 1897. Bordering on being “rare finds” they are artist-signed by Ernst Platz, a noted German artist.

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Technical schools: places that teach how the world works. At the turn of the 20th century a wealth Californian saw her first car. Instinctively she realized that some day a mechanic would be needed to repair that car. To that end she built a school, hired teachers, and held classes in auto repair. That was just the start.

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