• Brava Olga, Brava!

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    There are so many people in the world that do for others much more than they do for themselves. Olga Nethersole was just one of thousands that history has allowed to be forgotten. Stories like this must be retold – often!

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    Brava Olga, Brava!

  • Heavy Equipment

    Heavy Equipment

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    Every day in America and around the world a piece of heavy equipment is used to dig holes in the earth. The idea of using machinery instead of manpower started in America.

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  • Sketches from Shakespeareby Sydney Carter

    Sketches from Shakespeare

    by Sydney Carter


    What is it that has kept Shakespeare’s work so popular? All of what he wrote is over four centuries old but is still as timely as it was in 1605. Could it be The Bard had a unique understanding of human nature and the circumstances and emotions that direct one down the path of human…

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  • The Story of the Post Card Collectors Club of America

    The Story of the Post Card Collectors Club of America


    The history of postcard clubs is not exactly postcard history, but our new contributor, Peter Meggison, has delivered a fascinating look at one of America’s first PC clubs and the men who founded it and operated it.

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Bill Burton
Maryknollers are members of an American and Catholic missionary society founded in the early 20th century. They are dedicated to missionary service. Maryknollers have a long and storied history of promoting peace and understanding. Postcards help tell their story.

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