François Flameng and the Society of Friends of the Paris Army Museum

François Flameng is not a house-hold name, not even in France, nevertheless World War I historians owe Monsieur Flameng a huge debt of gratitude for his paintings of the war. From 1915 to the prisoner exchanges in 1918, Flameng documented wartime battles and events. The exact number is unknown, but around 1925, the Parisian Army Museum sponsored a 20-card set of Flameng’s paintings.

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Joe Rosettis’ Real Photos of the Alberta Stampede

Lots of little boys want to grow up to be cowboys. Some do, but other interests often influence later career choices. I never met a boy who wanted to be a cowboy photographer, but Joe Rosettis was a grand success at just that. Most of his real photos are close to 100 years old, and today they are as exciting as they were when Joe snapped them.

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Souvenir of a Different Notre Dame

Postcard collectors have many reasons for collecting, but there are some who collect cards showing postcards. This seems to be a common theme on French postcards. The cards that show postcards on a postcard often have the best histories. Here is one of the best.

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News and

January 26, 2022

The Webb space telescope today is more than 1 million miles away from earth and will be still further away by the time you read this. So the advent of a new YouTube channel called Postcard Planet may seem somewhat insignificant, but really it’s not. The proprietor started it up in November, 2021 and by now has uploaded almost a dozen videos on various subjects as early 20th century humorous cards, disasters, and twins. It’s new, doesn’t have a lot of subscribers yet, but it looks like something we all ought to support.

Prime Time Treasure Hunter caught up with Kevin Hughes, “The Postcard Guy,” and the result is an hour-plus long interview. It’s a free-for-all, wide-ranging conversation with a postcard dealer who hunts for a lot more than postcards. You get a look inside the way a fulltime postcard dealer works if you stick with this. Feel free to turn down the sound at the beginning.

The Guest!

Everyone remembers the first card they collected. Most of us remember the price we paid. Burt Martin didn’t pay a cent; he found this first card. Lucky, George! Here is his story.

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Arches: A Series, Part VI – New York

This is the last stop of the tour. Nate Dancer joined Postcard History in mid-December for a tour of the world’s most beautiful arches in six very wide-spread cities. It seems like Dr. Dancer has reserved the best for last – New York City.

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