Give My Regards to Broadway: Act 2 – The Operetta Era

Act II of Hy Mirampolski’s Give My Regards to Broadway offers a detailed look at Broadway’s Operetta Era. The composers’ and librettists’ names, i.e., Belasco, Friml, Herbert, and Romberg are recognized today – nearly a century later! Enjoy this romp along Broadway – New York City’s most celebrated avenue.

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St. John’s Churchyard, Hampton, Virginia

It may go without saying . . . most postcard collectors are curious, lifelong learners. If you are reading Postcard History, you are likely such a person. Learning comes in many forms, and walking through old cemeteries is one of the most interesting. Stir in a postcard or two and you have a recipe for a fine day of education.

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September 27, 2023

The Wiener Werkstätte was “dedicated to the artistic production of utilitarian items” when it was founded in 1903 in Vienna, Austria. The same principle animated William Morris of the Arts and Crafts movement in the UK and Elbert Hubbard of the Roycrofters in the U.S. Of these, though, only the WW produced postcards, and very attractive they are. Here’s a guided tour of an exhibition at the Neue Galerie  in New York City that shows some of the Werkstätte’s postcards.

Is perfection overrated? We’re of the opinion that perfection is a worthy goal but, strive as we humans will, it never happens. CreamofCardsTV applies this philosophical question to the vegetable level and then skips to postcards in this video.

Are You Ready for Some Football? – Part III

Football season is upon us! Americans go crazy-nuts over football every fall when we return to school, where teams are formed, and every game on every campus is an excuse to have a party. A playwright once described the sport as “little wars, fought by friends.” Go, Team!!

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