• Three New Hampshire Landmarks

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    The Sunday Drive once took families to places seldom visited for no other reason than curiosity. New Hampshire is such a place. It is there the motoring tourist can find historic treasures and discover people, places, and things explained on postcards.

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    Three New Hampshire Landmarks

  • “Greetings from . . .” the Large Letter Postcards of Military Fields

    “Greetings from . . .” the Large Letter Postcards of Military Fields

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    “Big Letter Cards” is what the staff at the Curt Teich company called the Large Letter cards we collect today. These colorful linens were used by the thousands for more than twenty years. FIELD Large Letter cards – today’s topic – are the ones young men of three or four generations used to send word…

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  • The Bermuda Onion

    The Bermuda Onion


    Once upon a time Bermuda onions really came from Bermuda. Who knew? Why didn’t you tell us? It’s true, onions were imported to America by the boatload. Nowadays, the onions you buy at the grocery store are probably from Texas. Most Americans care little where their food is grown, but if you do, the place…

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  • My Favorite Bridges

    My Favorite Bridges


    For bridge enthusiasts everywhere, Dr. Dancer has gathered the postcards that tell the story of six of his favorites. Our readers will remember the series of articles Nate wrote in 2020 on arches around the world.

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It is doubtful that there was ever an painter who aspired to be a postcard artist. Artists are usually categorized by the work they do. There are realists, surrealists, cubists, fauvists, modernists, impressionists and many more. Henry B. Wimbush was a watercolorist who for most of his creative life worked for Raphael Tuck & Sons.

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