Caught on a Postcard

People seen in Chrome Era postcards are nearly invisible. Sure you can see them, but they seldom affect the image. The photos aptly record many details of the day, but the cars and people and their clothing, the weather, and even information on the entertainment marquees fade into a hazy bewilderment brought on by time’s passage.

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It’s Maple Sugaring Season

A Maple Sugar Festival is an event unique to the American northlands. Such times have created fond and happy memories for the millions who know the delight of Sugar on the Snow. It is a taste sensation of two seemingly opposite flavors that once tasted is never forgotten – maple syrup and dill pickle. Honest!

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Bow Wow

Bow-Wow was an early twentieth-century song sung by Vesta Victoria. If you know who she was, you’re far ahead of the pack. Miss Vesta was an English music hall singer who also did well in America using her self-styled comic laments told in a deadpan style. Thanks to postcards she is still remembered. What a hoot!

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News and

March 29, 2023

We aren’t going to wade into the origin of April Fools’ Day, in great part because there is no authoritative take (or even consensus) on the question. What we do know is that there is more than one attractive website with handsome French-language postcards on the subject — here and here. Not a “Kick Me” card in the bunch, either.

Earlier this month, Postcard History published an article about Dwig’s mirror writing cards, one aspect of which was that the message was concealed within the writing. Cream of Cards TV has a YouTube video takes that further with a very clever way of concealing that there is any message at all. It’s called steganography and you can find out more by checking out the video.

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Julian Eltinge – One of a Kind

In the entertainment business there is always something new. However, what may be thought of as “new” is nothing more than “unfamiliar.” This look at an early twentieth century actor will surprise those who think different is wrong, or at best, something to be avoided.

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