A Day at the Sitting Bull Stampede

The Rodeo is almost foreign to most Americans. Sad. It may be the ultimate test between man and beast. It is not an easy task to wrestle 3000 pounds of bull to the ground or stay seated in a saddle strapped to a horse that doesn’t want you to sit on his back. Which is faster? Which is stronger? Who is most agile? These are question the professional rodeo cowboys and cowgirls answer every night when they go to work. This story takes you to South Dakota in 1946. A true time machine.

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Civil War Monuments

The American Civil War (1861-1865) remains the most talked about era in our history. Monuments to that war’s heroes are still part of the conversation.

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July 8, 2020

We don’t follow Antiques Roadshow very closely (another one of our numerous character flaws), so we missed this 2012 episode on real photo cards of the 1908 U. S. Olympic team that participated in the Games in London. It features a fascinating collection of over 60 cards, each one of them autographed. We don’t know whether to take the host’s pricing estimates seriously, though.

Brian Lund is a really serious British postcard collector — “I’ve been in the postcard collecting  hobby for quite a long time” he says as an introduction to this video clip. But for our purposes today he’s a storyteller extraordinaire. He maintains a Facebook site called “Reflections of a Bygone Age” which you can access whether you’re a member of Facebook or not. He tells the story of a postcard that went so far awry that . . . well, click onto the video and see for yourself.

There was a time when “collect all ten” was a come-on for Burger King or Cracker Jack toys. Collectors of postcard sets know this all too well. But is it still relevant today? Collect all 10 of these vintage-style Detroit postcards” blares the headline of this August 1, 2018 article  from the Detroit Metro Times. Turns out this is an advertisement for a developer in downtown Detroit. There aren’t 10 cards shown on the page, so scroll down to the third paragraph and click on the red “Curbed” link. The developer (Kraemer Design Group) has created these 10 cards and is offering them for free (well, free two years ago, anyway). We think it’s a pretty clever way to gain attention to a worthy commercial cause, the repurposing of an older downtown.

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Lawrence Welk – Musician and Showman!

One of America’s best known entertainment personalities was the son of a North Dakota farmer. In a time of innocence and naiveté, but also when guile and deceit were not unknown, Lawrence Welk showed his contemporaries how the American Dream was supposed to work. Hard work pays; so does decency and honesty. Duane Stabler tells us how a musician became a showman.

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