The Ottenheimer Brothers – Baltimore Postcard Publishers

Isaac and Moses Ottenheimer, well known businessmen from Baltimore, Maryland started their business when they were 19 and 14. They were stationers, booksellers, and publishers. Never did they claim otherwise, but along the way they made some great postcards, such as the real photo cards of President Wilson’s second inauguration in 1917.

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August 10, 2022

They were called “Coolie Belles” and their postcards could be found all over the Caribbean in the day. Displayed in shops, women in traditional Indian styles portrayed the islands as lush and exotic tourist destinations. The models posed coyly, dressed in traditional lehenga cholis garments and ornamented in elaborate gold and silver jewelry — bell-shaped jhumkas (a classic style of earring) and all. This article is from CNN’s 2020 “Style” website. What were they doing in the Caribbean? Read on.

Pennsylvania’s Ursinus College may be small (about 1,500 students) but someone made a ton of postcards of the campus. How do we know this? Because the college has a “Digital Commons @ Ursinus” website with a terrific slide show of not only the campus but also the nearby community and a very stuffy picture of the president sitting at his desk.

Dog Bites Tail

There are times when the image on a postcard is so strange it makes no sense. That may well be the case with the green faced Dog wearing a blue bow, who Bites his own Tail. The story here is about the English vicar (and his family) who received the card in 1906.

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The Crying Cayuse Twins Postcards

Bob Toal tells the story of these iconic postcards, which were widely circulated and sometimes misidentified by several publishers at the height of their popularity. Learn why these twins were special on the Umatilla reservation and will always exemplify the comedy and tragedy of life.

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