• Is it Kosher?

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    On any given day, people from around the world eat food that is rooted in Jewish tradition. The diner up the road from home serves a dynamite Reuben sandwich that is so good you want to go back tomorrow. But, “Is it kosher?”

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    Is it Kosher?

  • Bernhardt Wall’s Greenwich Village

    Bernhardt Wall’s Greenwich Village


    Some would think of Bernhardt Wall as the Prince of American postcards. It is thought that he created at least 5-thousand postcard designs – many in sets. Wall’s postcard topics include the comic and the serious, places and people, and more.

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  • A Keyhole Dictionary

    A Keyhole Dictionary


    Boys and girls, adolescents, men and women, old fogies and old maids – we’re all lifelong learners. Most of us learn the hard way – we read, we study, we practice, work, and produce. Then there are those who look through keyholes.

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  • The Legend of Adam and Eve

    The Legend of Adam and Eve


    A professor of religious studies once said, “If you hear this story as a little child, you never forget it because the origin of the tale is the same for each and every member of the human family.” Adam and Eve and all that they represent are what makes the world continue to turn. They…

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  • The folks at Highlandtown Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland’s Highlandtown Arts District have found an interesting way to use extra copies of their promotional postcards from the last 10 years by stitching them together into a unique ballroom gown. Seems difficult if not impossible to achieve? There’s proof in this video, courtesy of the galley. (And we appreciate Clarissa Ferraris of the Capitol-Beltway Post Card Club for bringing this to our attention.)

    Mechanical postcards may have had their day, but oh! what a day it was. The proprietor of CreamofcardsTV has a neat retrospective of some of the great mechanicals from the beginning of the postcard era. We can only wonder at the difficulty of making these cards.

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Atlas had quite a long career, he first started in Greek Mythology as the fellow responsible for holding Earth in the Heavens, but some years later he worked in a place called Panama. Read about a poster style postcard that shows Atlas at work.

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