Who Killed Stanny White?

The authors at Postcard History write with a keen sense of purpose. They draw on their knowledge and along the way to publication they pluck at our senses for reactions. In this article, you may see the joyous achievements, hear the pistol-shot, smell the gun-powder, then wait for the gavel to fall. Stanford White, his work, his dalliances with the famous, and his murder are all A-list stories.

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Arches: A Series, Part VI – New York

This is the last stop of the tour. Nate Dancer joined Postcard History in mid-December for a tour of the world’s most beautiful arches in six very wide-spread cities. It seems like Dr. Dancer has reserved the best for last – New York City.

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Human Zoos

Postcard collectors are very conscious that the cards we cherish reflect the people and events, as well as the standards and ethics of their time. Human Zoos is a scholarly examination of some postcards from an era that we hope will never be again. Postcard history can be controversial too.

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January 20, 2021

The January Quiz has been solved by ten of our readers. Each person has earned one point for our 2021 Know-it-All Certificate. The deadline for the current quiz is mid-night, Friday, January 22. If you wish to participate, hurry! Remember to send your answers via the submission form on the quiz page. The next quiz will appear on February 1.

Local, neighborhood newspapers are supposed to be going the way of the dodo bird. And, in print form, it may even be true. But like the birds of springtime, they are re-appearing as online resources with innovative reporting and lots of photos because the space available is so much greater. So it is with the New York neighborhood Forest Hills-Rego Park Times, where reporter Michael Perlman has written “Preserving Local History Through Postcards.”  The editors didn’t stint on postcard illustrations and the prose is first-rate. Non-residents of the neighborhood may want to consult Google Maps to make some sense of the geography, but that just adds to the pleasure.

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