The Lion at Waterloo

The battlefield at Waterloo is a must for the history traveler. Always and forever those who speculate on history will ask, “What if…?” Waterloo is likely the first place that question was asked. Read about the Lion at Waterloo.

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The Big Five – Part Two

Music in America. It’s been said that music is the language of the angels. To many that means – music is the “first language” of the world. Beethoven’s Dah, Dah, Dah, Dum is truly universal and sounds the same regardless of your mother tongue.

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The Poppy Lady

A far away battlefield covered with rubble. A poem by a Canadian physician. A red-silk flower. And, a determined American school teacher. All ingredients in a story of dedication, resolve, and remembrance of the fallen. Read the tale of the Poppy Lady.

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June 9, 2021

Fred Tenney

Susan Nicholson remembers her friend Fred Tenney:

One of the postcard hobby’s dramatic collector-dealers, Fred Tenney of Scottsdale, Arizona, was known in the hobby for nearly 50 years as he attended many shows and created an advanced one in Arizona. He was 78.

Fred wrote (with Kevin Hilbert) “Large Letter Postcards: The Definitive Guide 1930s to 1950s” (Schiffer, 2009) which has had an enormous impact on the collecting of these cards.

It was easy to get sucked into his jokes. One summer he called and said, Susan, I need your help. I was craving hot dogs and came to the store, but hotdogs are $2.69 a pound. I said, Fred that seems right. He said, but Maine Lobster is only 99 cents a pound. What do I do? Bazinga, caught in Fred’s humor one more time.

We spoke weekly and he was concerned about his vast inventory. in the next breath, he would tell me of a few cards he’d just bought at high prices or the gigantic collection he’d gotten at a good price and couldn’t wait to go through it. Fred, you will be greatly missed in the hobby.

The proprietor of Cream of Cards TV tried to sneak a short video of his collection of cats postcards past us. He gave it away, though, when he showed a live example of the species at the very beginning of this short video.

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Vintage Mansfield Post Card

The Mansfield Bar

The press said Jayne Mansfield was decapitated when her car rear-ended a semi. It wasn’t true, but a movement arose to put safety bars on the rear of every truck. And they’re called . . .

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