The Once Exotic Plants of Miami

In Miami, the face of that beautiful city is changing. The water level is rising, and the landscape is very different from the linen postcard era. The card publishers of the last six or seven decades have helped us remember the trees, vines, and shrubs of that time.

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Lady Astor and the D-Day Dodgers

A thousand more stories like this one – tales that are long forgotten and never heard by later generations – are illustrated by photos and postcards. Some are funny, some are sad. Some are fiction, some are true. Actually it is difficult to know, but in this instance, the legend, with the passage of time has become the truth.

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Cookie Cutter Stadiums – Part I

Cookie Cutter Stadiums across the country began to appear in mid-twentieth-century America. Teams were playing in maintenance-delayed facilities that had few, if any player amenities and only minimal concerns for the fans. Things had to change, and new stadiums were the answer.

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News and

May 23, 2023

Postcard History has used the above image on our promotional card since its inception in 2019. We didn’t know where it came from when we found it on one of the internet image sites, but it seemed to fit right in to our approach to picture postcards. Now, thanks to our friend Anne Ross, the proprietor of the blog “artist-signed postcards,” we have the answer: it’s a Tuck card by Arthur Gill from series 6080, titled “In 1910” in the series Humorous Postcard Collectors. If you’ve never gone deep into the Raphael Tuck world, give this a look.

“This site is dedicated to my hobby: collecting written and stamped (from country of origin) postcards! Postcard collecting is a very addictive hobby, but it’s a lot of fun, and you get in touch with lots of nice people worldwide…” Thus writes Gerda Theunis, the proprietor of My Postcard-Page by way of explanation of her collection, comprised of chrome cards representative of countries of the entire world. She helpfully includes a list of countries she doesn’t have (yet) as well as an index to the countries she does have. We like people who are this kind of completist (or obsessive).

Havre, Montana – A Gift of Historic Cards

There are small towns across the American landscape with histories that mirror the past of the town next door. Havre, Montana, is one such place. Today only a few thousand people live there, but they like their home the same way you like yours. Postcards remind us of their yesterdays.

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