Postcards and Coronavirus

Collecting postcards on modern topics is challenging and when the topic is part of everyday living, the work gets more difficult. Postcard History has a friend who is really good at taking on a challenge and has found Covid postcards in eleven countries.

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The Here & There of Cricket

C – R – I – C – K – E – T. From the Middle English word criket, that defines any of a family of jumping insects, or the Middle French word criquet which is a game played with a bat and ball. Postcards from Here or There explain the differences.

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News and

July 21, 2021

We were put onto About Postcards by a remark on Facebook from a collector who used the website to check out an illustration. We checked out the website and found it was a font of information, especially the short (150 words plus or minus) essays describing the cards and their backgrounds. The advertising card above, for example, is described as a “rewards card,” one given away by schools and Sunday Schools for good attendance. Not that this is relevant here, but we really liked the image. Alas, the proprietors seem to have stopped updating the site in 2014. It’s a shame because the selection of cards and the essays are first-rate.

Our friends at the University of Maryland’s Hornbake Library have a summer travelogue exhibit of postcards interwoven with a timeline of the evolution of the postcard. Titled “Greetings from Vacationland,” the slide show puts up some nice cards and reminds us that we’re once again able to get out and about.

The Lilac Domino

In 1914, it was on Broadway or later in London’s West End where those in search of entertainment found The Lilac Domino, an operetta in which a royal goes to seek a new young wife with piles of money she had not counted. It all ended well.

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