Roy Rogers – “King of the Cowboys”

For a time in America and around the world, everyone knew Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. It may very well be that right now in some restaurant, some place in the USA, a five-year old is asking his mommy, “Who is Roy Rogers?” Twenty-five years have passed since Roy died. It’s delightful that postcards can help us remember a gentle man and his horse.

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The American Comic Art of George McManus

When George McManus went to work at the New York American in 1912, as a comic artist, he did his job well – he made us laugh. The true test of his ability is that a century and more later his comics are still funny. Enjoy your visit with Jiggs and Maggie.

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February 1, 2023

It’s been suggested that we were a bit harsh last week when we advance-celebrated Valentine’s Day with vinegar valentines. We’re too nice to follow the “never apologise, never explain” adage, so here’s a sweet collection of Whitney valentines, courtesy of Lynn Appel. (Hint: play this at full screen, it’s even sweeter.) Never heard of Whitney valentines? The Worcester (Massachusetts) Museum of Art has a good history of the George C. Whitney Company, of which we heartily approve because it shows the interior of the business.

We thought that Metro Exodus Postcards was an online scavenger hunt in the Moscow Metro. This article from a very recent article in Eurogamer describes it thusly: “There’s a grand total of 21 postcards to collect across the 10 chapters of the game. You can track your progress and view the postcards you’ve acquired in the pause menu under collectibles.” We’ve since learned that it is a game set in a dystopian future in Moscow and one of the side benefits is to collect virtual postcards. We’re delighted that postcards are relevant to the gaming generation, but confused.

Sarasota, Florida

This is the perfect time-of-year to dream of sunshine, cloudless skies, and zephyrs of warm gulf air moving across central Florida. And Sarasota is the perfect place to visit if you care to make the trip. Otherwise, Postcard History offers you a tour of that fair city with a postcard journey.

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