Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania State House, or more familiarly Independence Hall has been the site for many significant events in American history. Not the least of which was the adoption of our Declaration of Independence. The document that started the greatest human experiment of all time.

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July 6, 2022

“Somehow people always think if a group of artists work together that then there must automatically be some sort of organization that coordinates it all. Well, in mail art there are many groups working together.” These are not our words — they come from the info section of the website International Union of Mail-Artists.  There are 381 (!) member groups of all sorts of interests. We swiped the image above from a recent posting to the home page because it tickled our funny bone. Our horizons have been widened and yours will be too.

In contrast to the excitement and enthusiasm of the IUOM-A as noted above, here’s an apocalyptic-sounding view of the postcard’s future from the Washington Post of 2015, “Are Postcards Obsolete?” Its content isn’t as dire as the title suggests (we blame whoever the editor was who assigned the title to the article), but, since many people only read titles, it wasn’t helpful.

Life in Pink

No screams were heard that the French are coming when Edith Piaf arrived in New York, but the French chanteuse soon became our Queen of Hearts. She sang La Vie en Rose every night and the crowds returned for more. Piaf is the one who reminds us that great popular art didn’t begin with Elvis or the Beatles.

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How Old Is That Postcard

This primer for the novice collector will aid in learning the age of a postcard and understanding the characteristics of social and technological advances in printing and manufacturing of postcards around the world. Much of what Americans collect today had its beginnings in Europe; even older cards from your hometown may carry the “Printed in Germany” missive. Although this information is old-hat for veteran collectors, don’t hesitate to refresh your memory and stay-sharp when making judgements about buying cards for your collection.

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