The Cowboy Artist

This is a very unusual contribution to Postcard History. It is about the artist, L. H. “Dude” Larsen, and his art and how he used his talents to make postcards. Most of the illustrations are photographs of the original artwork that inspired the postcards we featured on October 24, 2019. This is a real, behind the scenes look at postcard history.

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When Postcards Tell a Story

Postcards often take on a very different theme and become an excellent way to document the artistic achievements of an artist. This is exact the way Joseph Jacinto “Jo” Mora (1876-1947) came to be known. Today, Jo is nearly forgotten, but postcard collector Peter Hiller is working to change that.

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October 21, 2020

Quiz #5 Ends, Winners Declared!
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The last of the 5 “Know-It-All” quizzes is over and we have winners. To be precise, 5 readers solved each of the quizzes and will receive our gold-trimmed “Postcard History Know-It-All” certificates. But wait — there’s more! 10 other readers scored at least 1 point. Why does that matter? Because points carry over until the next round of quizzes beginning January 3 (unlike, say, airline miles), you can go back to the quizzes and solve them to score a point.

A facet of the “new normal” we’re beginning to see is Zoom-based club meetings and talks. We mentioned the one Mary Martin did at the Falmouth Public Library a couple of weeks ago and, before that, the Washington Crossing Card Collecting Club had one also. Well, on October 14 the Parchment Community Library (Parchment, Michigan) hosted Wally Jung, a fixture at many shows in all parts of the country and a member of the Southwest Michigan Postcard Club, who showed “Presidential Postcards.” Wally has an extensive collection of ’em and he showed highlights. Here’s the link.

The swallows come back to the San Juan Capistrano mission church every year. To stretch that metaphor to its breaking point, there are now sightings of the return of postcard shows. The first comes from Ralph Bowman, the California dealer and show impresario, who emailed that his Greater Phoenix show is on, scheduled for January 15-16, 2021. We’re hoping (not expecting, but you know about hope . . .) that there will be others. November is pretty sparse and our December dance card is empty, but January may be the turning point. Check our Show Calendar for details.

Postcards from Bombay [now Mumbai, India], Trains, Stations, and Railway Related 1910-1940” is on the YouTube channel of Unique Collectibles.  We wish more collectors and dealers would take the time to do what the proprietor of Unique Collectibles has done.

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Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Teeny, weeny bikinis are worn all around the world today, I think!?! I haven’t been to a beach in years, but I tip my hat to any and all of you oldsters who once sat in the sand and scoured the shores of America’s beaches for a girl wearing such a garment. Here’s a chance to relive that daze.

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