United States Landmarks – Quiz Two

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United States Landmarks Quiz Two

Welcome to the Postcard History United States Landmarks Quiz *   *   *   Part 2 of 5   *   *   * This is the second in a series of five quizzes. Each quiz will include ten challenges. There will be fifty challenges (questions). If you answer the 50 questions correctly, you will receive an official Postcard History Know-it-All certificate. The answer to all the questions will be the name of a state. There will be no duplications. Name the state in the U.S.A. where the postcard image is located. You must use the Answer Form if you participate; no answers will be accepted from the comments section. And, you should know the card captions will be altered to enhance the challenge, but the image size will be at 100% so you can search the picture for clues. E  X  A  M  P  L  E This sample challenge will give you an idea of how to participate. (This is the same example as found in Part 1.)
Example: When a handkerchief is dropped into this pool of hot swirling water it disappears immediately but reappears two minutes later thoroughly laundered by the hot water.
*   *   * Each challenge will show a full-size postcard with a very brief description. The image will be unique to one state in our country. The description will offer a clue and other clues may be found in the image. When you decide on your final answer, go to the Answer Form and insert your answer in the corresponding numbered box. When you have ten answers, click the SUBMIT button. *   *   * Q  U  I  Z     P  A  R  T    T  W  O American landmarks appear on millions of postcards, in Part 2 of this 5-part series, you will find ten images, each one unique to one state. Answer the challenge of – NAME THE STATE – by using the Answer Form. Then click, the Submit Button.
No. 1 – A. C. James earned every dime he (and his wife, Harriet) spent, but Arthur inherited a few dollars from his grandfather and father. His estate Blue Hill House was the site of “The Blue Garden,” an early project in the long career of Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. NAME THE STATE!
No. 2 – The Carl Miles monument is a gift sculpture to President Franklin Roosevelt for the United States from the people of Sweden. It is 25 feet tall and  located at the site where the first Swedish immigrants to North American  landed in 1658. NAME THE STATE!
No. 3 – Held in historic downtown, the Rose Show has been a tradition since 1922. Over the years, the rose show, entertainment, an artist market, an antique car show, a police inspection, and a parade have combined for a real community celebration. NAME THE STATE!
No. 4 – This magnificent monument, designed by the grandson of the man who said the immortal words, “This is the Place” honors one of the most determined  and sacred religious pilgrimages in the history of our country. NAME THE STATE!
No. 5 – This volcanic outcrop is called Finger Rock. Its location is quite remote; less than 500 people live within an hour’s drive. It doesn’t look much like a finger and in spite of what some may think, it had its name longer before the obscene gesture was invented. NAME THE STATE!
No. 6 – This labyrinth was designed as a place for meditation by an ultra-religious German society of the early 19th century. Each member vowed celibacy which ended the community’s existence. When they were gone the labyrinth fell into disrepair. In the mid-20th century, it was reconstructed as a classic labyrinth, with only one true path to the center. NAME THE STATE!
No. 7 – The twenty-foot-tall bronze, copper, and cast-iron palmetto tree is one of the country’s few monuments to the Mexican American War. It can be seen on the grounds of the state capital. Since 1854, it has honored the 441 veterans who did not return when the war ended. NAME THE STATE!
No. 8 – John Stevens was born in Maine, lived in Washington, and died in North Carolina, but this statue of him stands in a state where he made his most important discovery. The postcard is one published by the Great Northern Railway of scenes along their railroad network. NAME THE STATE!
No. 9 – Tepee or Teepee Fountain is constantly changing. This Curt Teich postcard from 1935 resembles modern photographs, but the new pictures are very different. The changes occur when mineral waters flow into pressured aquifers and then escape through cracks or fissures. These mineral deposits result. NAME THE STATE!
No. 10 – When the people of Ellis County wanted a new courthouse, they sent for Harry Hurley. He took up lodging, went to work, and fell in love with the innkeeper’s daughter, Mabel Frame. He loved her so, that he carved her likeness into the masonry work above the courthouse doors. But his love went unrequited, and the happy, smiling carvings changed to sad, angry, and evil faces. NAME THE STATE!

The Answers to Landmark Quiz Part I include the following states: Louisiana      New Hampshire  New York     North Carolina Ohio        Pennsylvania South Dakota     Tennessee                           Washington West Virginia Remember state names will appear only once in the entire series.

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Are the answers for Landmark Quiz Part 1, in the correct order? Just an example: Perry Monument is in Ohio on Lake Erie because it is used as a lighthouse. According to the list above, the answer is Tennessee. Am I wrong or are the answers mixed up for a reason & now we match them to the pictures? I’m confused?!?!? Thanks for all the hard work you put into sending out Postcard History each time. I really appreciate it.

All the state names I posted in Part I appear on the checklist, so I’m apparently 20% of the way to claiming the certificate!

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