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The folks at Highlandtown Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland’s Highlandtown Arts District have found an interesting way to use extra copies of their promotional postcards from the last 10 years by stitching them together into a unique ballroom gown. Seems difficult if not impossible to achieve? There’s proof in this video, courtesy of the galley. (And we appreciate Clarissa Ferraris of the Capitol-Beltway Post Card Club for bringing this to our attention.)

Mechanical postcards may have had their day, but oh! what a day it was. The proprietor of CreamofcardsTV has a neat retrospective of some of the great mechanicals from the beginning of the postcard era. We can only wonder at the difficulty of making these cards.

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I’ve been in several different postcard groups over the years and so often people will ask “What do people do with all of their postcards?” I think the dress above is just beautiful! If someone with some creative experience and talent wanted to be the talk of their dance or event this is a great idea to get them started. Congrats to those who made this dress!

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