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  • Edith Cavell: a Postcard Caused Her Murder

    Edith Cavell: a Postcard Caused Her Murder


    It seems that the stories of war live forever. One such story is the tragic death of Edith Cavell who died in October 1915 by a German firing squad. The story is related to us by at least three sets of postcards. Read on ….

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Bonnie Wilpon


This primer for the novice collector will aid in learning the age of a postcard and understanding the characteristics of social and technological advances in printing and manufacturing of postcards around the world. Much of what Americans collect today had its beginnings in Europe; even older cards from your hometown may carry the “Printed in Germany” missive. Although this information is old-hat for veteran collectors, don’t hesitate to refresh your memory and stay-sharp when making judgements about buying cards for your collection.

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