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  • Qianlong’s Marble Boat That Doesn’t Float

    Qianlong’s Marble Boat That Doesn’t Float

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    Remembered by those who have visited as the Marble Boat and known by the Chinese as the Boat of Purity and Ease, is not marble and it is not a boat.  This remarkable structure is a two-story pavilion made of wood that stands at the edge of Lake Kunming – part of the area known…

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Field Guides still sell in the millions. The first one (all about birds) appeared in 1902, the work of Chester Reed. The subjects later broadened to trees, then rocks, reptiles, fish and a host of others. Here in America we had Peterson whose art also appeared on postcards, but in the United Kingdom, R. J. Wealthy was the artist Tuck turned to for his wildlife postcards.

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