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  • Coastal Sentinels: United States Lighthouses

    Coastal Sentinels: United States Lighthouses


    A thread of shoreline with a lighthouse has long been a focal point for artists and photographers as well as a destination for tourists and lovers. At the close of the postcard’s golden era, around the outbreak of World War I, America boasted more than 1,400 lighthouses. These captivating seascapes are the center pieces of…

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Ray Hahn


If you like to time-travel (of course you do, why else would you read Postcard History) you may like to turn the clock back to the winter of 1913. They haven’t invented television, the nearest library is too far to walk in waist deep snow, so what do you do? Let me introduce you to Frank and Joseph Bily, brothers and fellow farmers who decide to make their own clocks.

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