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  • Tragedy Befalls the Innocent in Ohio

    Tragedy Befalls the Innocent in Ohio

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    [elementor-template id=”3378″] Tragedy Befalls the Innocentin Ohio In the opinion of this writer, Cleveland, Ohio, is among the most beautiful cities of the world. Settled along the southern shore of Lake Erie, it is historic, yet modern; artistic, without being stuffy, and progressive while still enlightened and tolerant. Cleveland has a world-class symphony orchestra, museums…

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Duane Stabler


One of America’s best known entertainment personalities was the son of a North Dakota farmer. In a time of innocence and naiveté, but also when guile and deceit were not unknown, Lawrence Welk showed his contemporaries how the American Dream was supposed to work. Hard work pays; so does decency and honesty. Duane Stabler tells us how a musician became a showman.

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