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  • Outhouse Humor What’s funny? What’s not?

    Outhouse Humor What’s funny? What’s not?


    These days, a child’s answer is usually, “The Internet” when a parent asks, “Where did you learn that?” But, in generations past, the answer may well have been, “I saw it on a postcard!” I haven’t talked to many people about outhouse postcards, but in the two conversations I have had, opinions vary. So, what’s…

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Daniel Hennelly


When the wealthy needed relief from the summer heat and big city odors In the decades following the Civil War, they turned to the seashore and mountain resorts in New England. The Poland Spring House in Poland Spring, Maine, was among the favored sites for family holidays. By the late-’50s, new travel options caused a sharp decline in business and like other resorts across America Poland Spring House closed in the 1960s. Then, it was gone!

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