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  • The World Through the Lens of Lewis W. Hine

    The World Through the Lens of Lewis W. Hine

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    Lewis Wickes Hine was never a household name. He had few acquaintances but millions were familiar with his work. The photographic images he created between 1906 and 1940 have been seen in thousands of American history books. When you examine Hine’s photos, you are awed by the grace of his art and you are dumbstruck…

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Benjamin H. Trask
There comes that day in every teacher’s career when any lesson plan that someone else writes is a blessing. Benn Trask, an eastern Virginia history teacher has put together a lesson plan for all his postcard collector friends who are also teachers. All you need is some “golden age” postcards on any topic and you’re in business for another day AND your students will love the change of pace.

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