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  • “Bugle Call” Postcards

    “Bugle Call” Postcards


    [elementor-template id=”3378″] “Bugle Call” Postcards This scarce set of cards was a product of the American Colortype Company of Chicago and New York. Each card is inscribed in the top margin with “Reveille Post Cards. “Bugle Call” Series,” and carries a 1942 copyright by U. S. Services Supplies, Inc. Chicago. You will find examples from…

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The comparison of historic eras is an extreme chore. We read history and think, how terrible that must have been. Maybe in 2080 or 2140 historians will look back and say the same about our pandemic. The great dust storms of the 1930s may have been hard to endure, but other events since then cause them to pale with the passage of time. See what America can learn from history.

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