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  • It’s Old Home Week!

    It’s Old Home Week!


    Small towns in New England and the Mid-Atlantic lost population as westward migration and the lure of factory work drew young people away. Old Home Week attempted to lure them back.

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  • Two Rhode Island Postcards

    Two Rhode Island Postcards

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    On a week-end trip to New England, we stayed in a lovely B&B along a beautiful inlet of Narragansett Bay, In an antique shop nearby these two cards called to me. I know you will enjoy them, too!

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Ray Hahn


[elementor-template id=”3378″] Meet Nipper, the RCA Dog Nipper, was easily amused. Legend tells that Nipper would sit in front of an Edison phonograph and quizzically gaze into the horn from which came some of the first recorded sounds in history. “His master’s voice,” is very doubtful, but his owner, the English artist Francis Barraud, painted […]

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