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  • Poster Series X – The US Navy Visits Australia

    Poster Series X – The US Navy Visits Australia

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    U. S. Fleet Visits Australia The year before President Theodore Roosevelt left office, he dispatched the U. S. Navy’s Atlantic Fleet on an around the world tour. Twenty-eight ships and 14,000 men left port in Hampton Ponds, Virginia for South America, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Malaya, and back home through Suez and the Straits of Gibraltar. One of the…

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Daniel Hennelly


People seen in Chrome Era postcards are nearly invisible. Sure you can see them, but they seldom affect the image. The photos aptly record many details of the day, but the cars and people and their clothing, the weather, and even information on the entertainment marquees fade into a hazy bewilderment brought on by time’s passage.

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