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  • America’s Sketch ArtistsPart 3 of 6Bill  Kane

    America’s Sketch Artists
    Part 3 of 6

    Bill Kane


    When I started this series, the unknown was the only common factor applied to the list of artists I pre-selected. A perfect example is a story I found about Beach Haven, New Jersey, newspaper man and sketch artist, Bill Kane. It seems that one day in 1976, Bill who was lovingly called “Citizen Kane” decided…

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Past Article

Editor’s Staff
Here at the editor’s desk at Postcard History, soon after we publish an article a new postcard often appears as an attachment in my email or by coincidence shows up in a box of unsorted cards where I search for interesting topics. Many great cards are missed if these are ignored. Today we start an occasional series entitled Sunday Odds and Ends. All comments welcome.

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