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  • America’s Sketch ArtistsPart 1 of 6Henry T. MacNeill

    America’s Sketch Artists
    Part 1 of 6

    Henry T. MacNeill


    Henry T. MacNeill retired from his career as an architect in 1955.  He and his wife Amiee lived in Whitford, Pennsylvania, and both were active members of the Chester County Historical Society. Henry loved to draw historical buildings; his portfolio contained more than 300 completed illustrations of structures in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Unintentionally,…

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Kyle Jolliffe
The Art Deco style came to life in France at the end of the 1910s, but few places in the world adopted the eye-pleasing style of architecture and design the way it was in New York City. Everything new, buildings, bridges, cinemas, ocean liners, cars, and even kitchen appliances were redesigned. Art Deco was new and fresh; just what everyone wanted.

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