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  • Know-It-All Quiz No. 1  The Alamo

    Know-It-All Quiz No. 1 The Alamo

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    [elementor-template id=”3378″] Know-It-All Quiz #1 The Alamo Our first quiz tests your research skills by asking questions about five postcards commemorating the Battle of the Alamo. After a 13-day siege, that began on February 23, 1836, the Mexican Federal forces under the leadership of General Santa Anna won the battle on March 6, reclaiming the…

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Hy Mariampolski


Comedy has always been a feature of the human condition. We seem to have an innate need to laugh at and disparage others when we confront funny characters and situations. Psychologists talk about schadenfreude, the kind of joy people experience at seeing the misfortune of others.

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