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  • The Gingham Dogand the Calico Cat

    The Gingham Dog
    and the Calico Cat


    Wrong! Yes, the book is so titled, but the poem’s correct title is, The Duel; the story of a cat and dog fight between two stuffed animals in the middle of the night. Publishing, like everything else in life, is cyclical. Publishing children’s books hit one of its high-watermarks in 1912. The market boomed. Publishers in…

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Ray Hahn
Postcard History’s occasional series A Portrait of an American City continues in Richmond, Virginia, near where the Old Dominion Postcard Club holds its annual show on the campus of a community college. Postcard shows, once regular events on the calendars of clubs across America, have been affected in frequency, by the aging of collectors. Let’s do everything we can to encourage those clubs still holding shows!

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