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  • Know-it-All Quiz No. 2The Mack Sennett Girls

    Know-it-All Quiz No. 2

    The Mack Sennett Girls

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    Congratulations! Postcard History “Know-It-All” Quiz Winners Sandy Adrion 1 point Sandra Cobb 1 point Dave Edwards 1 point Bob Kozak 1 point Megan Plauger 1 point These Postcard History readers have earned one pointby answering all questions correctly in a Postcard History Quiz. To Take the Know-It-All Quiz … … fill in the form below with…

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Ray Hahn
From ancient Rome to the deck of an aircraft carrier or the United States Senate Chamber seldom does a day pass when you don’t see someone giving you a thumbs up! This non-verbal form of communication tells you that all is well with the person greeting you, but it is not always true. If you live in an English-speaking country, fine, if not you should expect some very unusual looks.

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