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  • Tuffi und die Schwebebahn

    Tuffi und die Schwebebahn

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    [elementor-template id=”3378″] Tuffi und die Schwebebahn The suspension monorail was invented in England in the 1820s. The distinction is small but the first suspended railway was opened on June 25, 1825, using a patent recorded by Henry Palmer. It was built to carry bricks, but as an opening stunt it carried passengers. Through the next…

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The whole world respects tradition and in the postcard hobby there is one event – the Wichita Postcard Club’s annual show held every October – that deserves a wave and salute for its longstanding. This year, Rick Geary has prepared the art for the WPC show postcard for the 45th time. We salute WPC and Mr. Geary as their show takes place this weekend.

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