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  • I Never Met a Man I Didn’t Like

    I Never Met a Man I Didn’t Like


    This epigram sums up what people saw in Will Rogers — honesty, plain-spokenness, and decency. Rogers’ shy grin and aw-shucks manner were the heart of his charm, propelling him from a vaudeville cowboy act to stardom in the Ziegfeld Follies, movies, newspapers, and radio where he would gently lampoon everything. “All I know is what…

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[elementor-template id=”3378″] Help Us Solve the Mystery of this Card First Sunday Mystery Card Postcard History’s first mystery card is a real-photo of a foot bridge that spans a blockaded railroad crossing. It may have been the case that the street-level crossing was barricaded after the bridge was built. It has a New England feeling […]

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