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Poster Postcards Part XI

Today’s episode was be #11 in the series, but it was hijacked last week when the card you see here appeared in my mailbox. It fits all the requirements of a poster postcard, however it is not attractive, it is not innovative, and it shows no sign of creative talent. Nevertheless, it is a poster!

In Robert’s Rules of Order there is a specific way to get the presiding officer’s attention;
it is called “a point of personal privilege.”

I Have Four Thoughts and Some Questions.

Have YOU ever had an argument with YOURSELF?

I have and it happens frequently. Conflicting opinions are part of life, part of society and part of our national consciousness. The life part can only be contested within your own mind. The society part is measured in many ways that include the teams we root for, the detergents we use, the brand of car we drive and thousands of other preferences. The national consciousness part of the equation is mostly determined by vote counts between the “Ins” and “Outs” – it’s called politics.

If you are reading this, YOU are likely a postcard COLLECTOR. Do YOU have special collecting INTERESTS?

Without a lot of discussion, let’s agree that collecting interests are like Ivory Soap. How did the advertisers calculate the purity of Ivory soap? The jingle recounted it as, “Ivory Soap is 99 and 44/100% pure.” Don’t we all COLLECT with the same percentage of purity?

So, let me tell you something. One of my collecting interests is to acquire any card I find with the date March 16th. I don’t care how it appears. It can be part of the message, or the postmark, or even part of the text.

What do YOU do when one of your PERSONAL PREFERENCES conflicts with your COLLECTING INTERESTS?

There may be no good answer to this question. Having been schooled as a professional, I have forever believed that questions should be answered by professionals. Think about it. Would you ask your plumber how to cure your diabetes? Would you ask your doctor how to repair a leaky faucet?

If you truly think the answers to these questions are, no, then why are so many Americans asking our politicians how to cure the coronavirus?

I dislike the word, deltiology, but it is absolutely appropriate in this context. What will our HOBBY be like in 2120? Will those future COLLECTORS go to cell-phone shows to purchase 100-year old cell phones that contain, hundreds of pictures of the previous owner’s dinners? Will there be a deltiologist among them? Will he study the pictures on those antique cell phones? Or, perhaps one of those 22nd century collectors will happen upon this card I received this week and remember the week of March 16, 2020, as I do. The week of a milestone birthday on which it was recommended that I stay home to stay healthy.

Suspicion dictates that you may have received the same postcard in YOUR mailbox. And, curiosity begs me to ask, “Did you consider putting it in YOUR COLLECTION?”

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Hello Ray . Nice to see your thought provoking article here. Yes, I DID look at this mass mailer and thought that it is worthy of my collection. I wish it were just a little smaller size wise, but I have top loader pages that I keen in three ring binders for “oversized” postcards, and this is where I will have to keep this one for safe keeping. Along this same line is another mass mailing postcard I had in my mail recently…from Census2020 encouraging me to fill out my census form and to do it easily online. Earlier I… Read more »

Thank you for your remarks Hal and Ray. I too thought “collection” when I received these timely over sized cards. Moving on in time I wish everyone a healthy Spring 2020, be counted.

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