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Know-It-All Quiz No. 4

Bob Kozak

3 points

Peter Senft

1 point

Sandy Adrion

3 points

Cindy Blevins

1 point

Anne J. Stoudt

1 point

Sandra Cobb

3 points

Julia Harris

1 point

Linda Zinn

1 point

Dave Edwards

3 points

Megan Plauger

1 point

To participate in Postcard History’s Quiz #4 answer the question associated with each card and fill in the form below with your name, email address, and the correct answers to the questions, then click the red “Send” button.

When you earn five points by answering all questions correctly in any upcoming quiz, Postcard History will present you with a “Postcard History Know-It-All” Certificate.

A new quiz will appear every 2 weeks!

Know-It-All Quiz #4

September 13, 2020

Tall Places

These six tall places are monuments that have nothing in common but their extraordinary height. In fact they are not all American. Three are located outside of our borders, but even so one is a monument to American ingenuity, the other is a memorial to American Heroes.

Question 1. Where is this 252-foot monument?

Question 2. What became of that poem? 

Question 3. In what New England city would you find the Keney Tower?

Question 4. In which Cuban city did the explosion happen?

Question 5. Can you name the city at each end of the canal?

Question 6. If you wanted to climb the 287 steps to the top, what city would you see?

This Know-It-All Quiz has ended. The results can be found at Know-It-All Quiz 5

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