Postcard History's

Know-It-All Quiz Winners


If your name appears between two gold stars below …
you are a gold-star, certified Postcard Know-It-All

Sandy Adrion

Sandra Cobb

Dave Edwards

Alison Garner

Bob Kozak

Other Participants

Cindy Blevins
3 points

Julia Harris
3 points

Anne J. Stoudt
3 points

Paul Evans
2 points

Nelda Harris
1 points

John Phipps
1 points

Megan Plauger
1 point

Peter Senft
1 point

And others
who came close!

Linda Zinn
1 point

All points carry-over to the next series of quizzes.
Watch for the first new quiz on January 3, 2021.

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Bob Kozak
4 months ago

Glad to be recognized. Looking forward to the next quiz!

Sandy Adrion
4 months ago

Thanks so much for putting together these quizzes. I’ve enjoyed all of them and being involved in this. I do appreciate all the hard work you put into this, as I know it’s alot of research. Great job! Can’t wait for the Jan. 3, 2021 quiz to come out.

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