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Mystery Card #2

First Sunday Mystery Card

Postcard History’s mystery card for November is a photograph copyrighted in 1903 by John F. Strigkrott (?) – even at +500 enlargement the name is not clear.) The card is clean and has aged well for what may be assumed nearly 117 years – if it were printed at the same time as the copyright. It has a typical undivided-back but is not addressed, although Tommy clearly intended it to be a message to his MomMom.

When you examine the card, you will see a couple standing on the revival style porch. The lady is in a turn of the 20th century floor-length dress, and the rather portly gentleman wears a business suit from that same era. She appears to be wearing a hat, but no coat. His arms seem to be at his sides. There is a hanging-pot of flowers.

On the left you will see a one horse-drawn four-wheel carriage emerging from the portico. In the façade of the gable you will see what is likely to be cement work over the drive. It welcomes visitors in the typical pineapple motif. There seems to be a driver but no passenger.

The house is gothic in style with elaborate stonework under the eaves of each gable and around the windows. Three chimneys appear in the picture. There is a modified Queen Anne three story tower at the right, likely holding hexagonal shaped sitting rooms. The third floor room has a door and a window, where the lower floors have only windows. An elaborate wrought iron balustrade protests anyone who may be standing outside the third floor room. The tower is capped with what maybe slate tiles on a miter-jointed roof with a double knob finial.

The card was purchased from an established dealer in Virginia.

The mystery is, “Where is it?” or “Where was it?”

If you know, please, solve the mystery. Contact Postcard History.

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Could it be? I notice it has Governor’s Mansion scribbled through.


If you zoom in on the scrollwork on the mansion, it matches in both pictures. Also the stonework or wood work of the mans torso above a window is clearly on both.

Yes! You are correct. I found it on the internet. In January 1965 it was demolished.
Governor’s Mansion – Kansapedia – Kansas Historical Society (

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This looks similar to the Angel of the Berwicks Bed and Breakfast in North Berwick, ME. See this:

The house reminds me of one in Oradell, NJ on Kinderkamack road. It sits in a hill as does the one on this postcard. Very interesting…

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