The March 2021 Postcard History Quiz – Lions on Bridges

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The March 2021
Postcard History Quiz

Lions on Bridges

 Lions on Bridges

The deadline for this quiz will be 11:59 PM, Monday, March 22nd.


Five correct answers will enable you to accumulate one point on your score toward a Postcard History Know-It-All Certificate.

However, it’s time for a tie-breaker.

Answer the tie-breaker correctly and win an extra point.


In this quiz, the answers are the names of the cities where lions are found guarding bridges. Each question has one hint. The hint should be enough to get you to the correct part of the world, then you’re on your own.

The Bridges are numbered 1 through 5. The numbers correspond to the Answer Box slots. Your responses should be The Name of the City Where the Bridge Can Be Found. The extra-credit point is quite obscure. To earn the extra point you most also Name the City Where the Lions are Found.

You must use the Answer Box. Although, we welcome your comments, no entries will be considered if submitted through the comments section.

All fields in the Answer Box are required. Enter your answers and click the SEND button. Good luck.

If you participated in previous 2021 quizzes, click here to see your score.


Bridge #1

If this city were called by its English name
it would be Victorious.

Bridge #2

This bridge is in a city named for an 18th century explorer.

Bridge #3

This bridge “links” two cities that are now one.

Bridge #4

This bridge is in a city named for a great man.

Bridge #5

The city where this bridge is found was named for a saint.

Extra Credit

This bridge is in a city named after an animal other than a lion.
Your deadline to complete this quiz is 11:59 PM March 22, 2021.
The next Postcard History Quiz will appear on April 5th.
The First Monday of the Month!

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Not sure about some of the answers, but I did my best!

Really hard extra credit, but I had fun.

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