“Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match.”

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Bob Teevan

“Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match.”

There is a simple unused postcard in my collection that has an appealing image. I thought it would be a quick bit of researching and posting enabling me to go off and enjoy the sunshine. It didn’t turn out to be. I kept uncovering information that had me asking more questions and digging deeper.

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I love this site more than words can express. Over and over again I find delight in not only the images of the postcards, but the words that explain so much about the images, the era the images come from and so much more. Sadly, as many folks that I have as “friends” I can’t seem to generate my enthusiasm for what is a bright spot in my world. Thanks to all those that put this out there. I am grateful from the bottom of my old hardened heart! Oh, and this particular article and images? Top shelf!!!!

Your article about a unique matchbox certainly opened a big door of information !
Very interesting and well written .

PS I remember that marching song because my dad lived in England during that war as a teenager and sang it to me when I was little.

I’ve enjoyed many of Bob’s Facebook posts, and so was delighted to see his name in the byline of this article.

as a collector of both postcards and matchbooks this article was of great interest! thanx for doing all the research and posting it! I am now on the lookout for more postcards that have pic of matches!

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