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  • A Couple Walked Into a Bar . . .

    A Couple Walked Into a Bar . . .

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    [elementor-template id=”3378″] A Couple Walked Into a Bar . . . We were new to the area, driving around to the different small towns on weekends to get a feel for the state of Delaware. I had begun collecting postcards of local towns, so we went where we had been given a recommendation or found…

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When Abigail Adams penned a letter in 1776 to her husband, congressman John Adams, asking him to please “remember the ladies” as he and his fellow founding fathers were preparing our nations new code of laws, she undeniably meant to include women with the men, the mothers with the fathers and the daughter with the sons. Everyone was important in the fight for liberty. Mrs. Adams wanted “liberty for all.” Suffrage for women took more than a century to become reality. Here is a piece of the story.

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