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  • St. Mariacka in Gdansk

    St. Mariacka in Gdansk

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    [elementor-template id=”3378″] St. Mariacka in Gdansk When I saw St. Mariacka (St. Mary’s) it was very different from the picture on this postcard.  On a warm day in late September, the dim interior of this church was a welcome relief from the searing sun and blinding light of mid-day.  The languages around me that day…

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Madeira in Portuguese is the word for wood or timber. Madeira is also a travel destination where fun, food, and fellowship is measured in memories that will last a lifetime. When you visit Madeira your visit will include the ancient and the modern. Fly in on a jetliner and then ride a wicker sled that was first built as a farm vehicle five centuries ago.

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