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  • Bruce Bairnsfather: the Father of Wartime Comics

    Bruce Bairnsfather: the Father of Wartime Comics

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    Long before Private Breger (drawn by Dave Breger) shared with us the humor in the often illogical routine of daily army life and Willie and Joe (drawn by Bill Mauldin) became the voice of truth about what it was like on the front lines of war, our British cousins had Old Bill, drawn by Captain…

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Eleanor “Ellie” McCrackin


Advertising postcards is a phase of the hobby that for many is the most fun – simply because they bring back memories of products and events that haven’t been remembered for years, maybe decades. For sure, after seeing an advertising card, you have said to yourself, “I remember Mom always had a jar of this in the kitchen.” Or, “Hey, I remember Dad cut our grass with a mower like that!”

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