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  • It’s Old Home Week!

    It’s Old Home Week!


    Small towns in New England and the Mid-Atlantic lost population as westward migration and the lure of factory work drew young people away. Old Home Week attempted to lure them back.

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  • Punny Postcards

    Punny Postcards


    Many postcard collectors have serious collections. They’re interested in preserving home town history, amassing and cataloging every postcard printed by a particular publisher or studying the changes in technology over time. But sometimes, postcards are just plain fun!

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The Grimm’s folk tale, The Wishing Table revisits the Uvachrom company with a salute, not an encore. A Uvachrom set of the lesser-known tale has been found and the art, by the early 20th century German illustrator Georg Mühlberg, is equally spectacular in its detailed and painterly presentation.

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