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  • Cecil S. AshdownArtist and “A-Dollar-a-Year Man”

    Cecil S. Ashdown

    Artist and “A-Dollar-a-Year Man”


    As we examine the work of Cecil S. Ashdown, we stand at the historical front door of Newfoundland and Labrador – the combined areas that form Canada’s eastern most province. Labrador was first settled in the last year of the 15th century by a Portuguese explorer named João Fernandes Lavrador, the culture is based on European…

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Carl Oechsner
Historical landmarks are disappearing from the American landscape at an alarming rate. Nevertheless, some citizens are doing their best to preserve community heirlooms like the “Dummy Traffic Light.” This story is bound to encourage those who are willing to “fight city hall” when it comes to throwing our treasures on the ash heap of history.

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