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  • Lewis H. “Dude” Larsen

    Lewis H. “Dude” Larsen

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    Cowboy art and artists mesmerized the tourists of the mid-20th century. Wild west shows were the rage and souvenirs of travel west of the Mississippi River have become the rage in antique shops and malls. L. H. Larsen postcards are easy to find and inexpensive. Join the fun; search for Dude Larsen postcards.

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You memorized some Keats and Shelley. And, you’ve heard of Yeats and more. Surely you read old Bill the Bard and decoded his sonnets, too. About Rudyard Kipling, you know his Knighthood he declined. For Brendan Behan no one knows if sober he ever was, but for all you know of this awesome lot, there is one you do not know. It’s safe for you may say, if you may or could, that you have never heard of Thomas Hood.

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