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  • Virginia Beach’s Daniel Boone Historic Monument

    Virginia Beach’s Daniel Boone Historic Monument


    History is jammed and packed full of mysteries like the one brought to light in this article. The questions are most frequently, “What is it?” “Where did it come from?” and “Who put it there?”. Guest contributor, Gordon Spence, President of the Hampton Roads (Virginia) Postcard Club, examines the history and the mysterious disappearance of…

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Benjamin H. Trask
A thread of shoreline with a lighthouse has long been a focal point for artists and photographers as well as a destination for tourists and lovers. At the close of the postcard’s golden era, around the outbreak of World War I, America boasted more than 1,400 lighthouses. These captivating seascapes are the center pieces of countless postcards. Benn Trask has scratched the surface of this topic.

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