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  • The Iroquois Theatre Fire

    The Iroquois Theatre Fire

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    Chicago, December 30, 1903.  Fire, smoke and chaos caused by fear, killed over six hundred soles today at the new Iroquois Theatre on Randolph Street. That’s the way the lead story in the Chicago Sun-Times began on the morning of December 31, 1903.  A grusome story of death and suffering that need not have happened.…

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Ray Hahn


Today, children of all ages have handheld games that buzz, chirp, bong, or chime. Some even speak in several languages. The games are user friendly. Press a button and the game tells the user how to play, what to do, and if the instruction is followed . . . well, sorry, I don’t know what happens. It’s not school, there is no teacher to say, “Good job, Joey.”

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