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  • Five Cities in Four States,What They Have in Common

    Five Cities in Four States,
    What They Have in Common


    A favored line among the pundits in the English-speaking nations these days is, Said the sun to the moonSaid the head to the heartWe have more in commonThan sets us apart The syntax of this six, six, five, four poetic ditty is without doubt a literarydescendant of the famous quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s, ’tis better…

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Don Preziosi
For a time in America and around the world, everyone knew Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. It may very well be that right now in some restaurant, some place in the USA, a five-year old is asking his mommy, “Who is Roy Rogers?” Twenty-five years have passed since Roy died. It’s delightful that postcards can help us remember a gentle man and his horse.

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