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  • “I Like Ike!”

    “I Like Ike!”


    Dwight Eisenhower never served in combat, but he achieved total victory in World War II. He had no experience running an institution of higher learning, yet he became President of Columbia University. And he never held public office until he was elected President of the United States.

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  • The Yellowstone Trail – Forerunner of the Interstates

    The Yellowstone Trail – Forerunner of the Interstates


    Ever since the first automobile was built, men and women too, have been looking for places to drive them. America’s love-affair with the automobile is unquenchable. We drive cars to work and home again, we drive cars to shopping malls, doctor’s appointments – well you get the idea. Then we drive them to vacation spots…

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Hy Mariampolski


Comedy has always been a feature of the human condition. We seem to have an innate need to laugh at and disparage others when we confront funny characters and situations. Psychologists talk about schadenfreude, the kind of joy people experience at seeing the misfortune of others.

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