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  • Know-It-All Quiz No. 4

    Know-It-All Quiz No. 4

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    [elementor-template id=”3378″] Know-It-All Quiz No. 4 Tall Places Congratulations!These readers have won points toward a “Know-It-All” Certificate   Bob Kozak3 points Sandy Adrion3 points Sandra Cobb3 points Dave Edwards3 points Peter Senft1 point Cindy Blevins1 point Julia Harris1 point Megan Plauger1 point Linda Zinn1 point Anne J. Stoudt1 point To participate in Postcard History’s Quiz…

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Bill Burton


The silliest question Groucho Marx asked on his “You Bet Your Life” TV show was, “Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?” You should read Postcard History to learn the facts surrounding President Grant’s death, funeral, and burial. The answer may very much surprise you.

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