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  • Know-It-All Quiz 5The First Thirteen State Capitals

    Know-It-All Quiz 5

    The First Thirteen State Capitals

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    Congratulations!   These readers have won points toward a “Know-It-All” Certificate  Sandy Adrion 4 points Cindy Blevins 2 points Sandra Cobb 4 points Julia Harris 2 points Dave Edwards 4 point Megan Plauger 1 point Bob Kozak 4 points Anne J. Stoudt 2 point Paul Evans 1 point Peter Senft 1 point Linda Zinn 1…

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The April 2021 Postcard History Quiz  Postcard History welcomes you to April. This is the fourth in the 2021 series. If you participated in previous quizzes and youare working toward our 2021 Postcard History Know-It-All Certificate, click here to see your current score. At Work in America The deadline for this quiz will be 11:59 […]

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