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  • My Search for the Assinaboine

    My Search for the Assinaboine

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    This story is about a book that was left unfinished. The subject died in 2005, the author died shortly after. The book was over twenty years in the making and was meant to be a gift to his life-long friend. Friendships made while serving in the US Military tend to last forever – such was…

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  • The Tlingits: their life and legends

    The Tlingits: their life and legends

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    Not only the Native American people, but their art and culture have too long been ignored by modern society. Our lives are busy, but we must stop to reflect on our past. Thankfully history challenges us to pay attention to men like the Rev. Dr. Sheldon Jackson, who first went to Alaska as a Presbyterian…

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Eleanor “Ellie” McCrackin


We Americans are Presidential Historians. We live day to day by the rules established by the Congress and the President. Although our country is very divided when it comes to politics, postcards of our national capital, our presidents, and the men and women who serve our country should remind us that democracy may not be the best way to run a country, but it still is the best idea ever!

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