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  • Hamilton King

    Hamilton King


    [elementor-template id=”3378″] Hamilton King Although many collectors know his work, very few know his name. Hamilton King would have been successful in any kind of work, but he chose to be an artist. The art world that bookended the last and first decades of the 19th and 20th centuries levied a harsh reality on men…

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  • Tragedy of Being Forgotten

    Tragedy of Being Forgotten


    It is happening more often these days. We who work at Postcard History are discovering that a postcard may be the last remnant of the scene on the card. Homes, schools, churches, public buildings like city halls, libraries, court houses; they are all gone. New has replaced the old. Urban renewal is the catch phrase;…

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Past Article

Editor’s Staff


History would be much more confusing if there were no dates to align the events. Some days very little is historical, but on other days even the amateur historian could fill pages and pages with tales of good and evil. March 9, 1905, was such a day.

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