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  • Tragedy of Being Forgotten

    Tragedy of Being Forgotten


    It is happening more often these days. We who work at Postcard History are discovering that a postcard may be the last remnant of the scene on the card. Homes, schools, churches, public buildings like city halls, libraries, court houses; they are all gone. New has replaced the old. Urban renewal is the catch phrase;…

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Eleanor “Ellie” McCrackin

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[elementor-template id=”3378″] Edith Curtis and her Anthropomorphic (an(t)-thrə-pə-ˈmȯr-fik) Postcards By Eleanor “Ellie” McCrackin Okay, all of you philosophical individuals who collect anthropomorphic postcards; let’s make a list: cats, dogs, rabbits, bears, birds, mice, squirrels, horses, and the list may become infinite. Well, maybe not infinite, but vast. So, what’s Anthropomorphic all about? Anthropomorphic has two […]

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