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  • Mystery Card #5

    Mystery Card #5


    Help us solve this mystery. It’s opening night at the Glen Theatre. The house is full, the people are waiting for the lights to dim. It’s all happening at 34th Avenue and Boulevard. The mystery is we can’t find the city. Good luck.

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  • A Postcard History of the Hippodrome

    A Postcard History of the Hippodrome


    Conceived by the creators of the Luna Park amusement area at Coney Island, and constructed in 1905, the Hippodrome Theatre for a time was the largest and most successful theater in New York.

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Editor’s Staff


Questions about airbrush postcards: “Who invented them?,” “Are they difficult to make?,” “ When were they popular?” are often answered with blank stares. Hours of searching for information have produced very little. No matter! They sure are pretty.

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