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  • My Bargain Friday AND Bonanza Saturday

    My Bargain Friday AND Bonanza Saturday

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    A collector arrives a day early for the Old Dominion Postcard Show. So she browses the local used bookstore and comes across a coverless and battered copy of Alfred Tennyson’s Locksley Hall, for which she pays $2 plus tax. She reads it through and, next day at the show, finds the perfect postcard to illustrate…

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  • Fort Pickett

    Fort Pickett


    An uncertain spokesman once said to George Pickett that the “Old Man” (Robert E. Lee) gave him immortality. That rather dubious “gift” came by way of having his name associated with a battlefield calamity at Gettysburg that came to be known as Pickett’s Charge.

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Editor’s Staff The Feburary 2021 Postcard History Quiz If you participated in the January 2021 Quiz, click here to see your score. The February 2021 Postcard History Quiz Postcard History welcomes you to February. This is the second in the 2021 series. Charles ChaplinThe deadline for this quiz will be 11:59 PM, Friday, February 19. CHAPLIN […]

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