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  • Where Was It Made? – Part II – Industrial Equipment

    Where Was It Made? – Part II – Industrial Equipment

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    To be a complete entrepreneur in the lemonade business you need to own groves of lemon trees, fields of sugarcane, a fleet of trucks, a centrally located distribution center, a lot of squeezing machines, millions of bottles, billions of paper cups and maybe several thousand eight-, nine-, or ten-year-old kids with card tables, checkered tablecloths…

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George Miller


There is but one reason for a time-machine; to turn back the clock to attend the White House wedding of Congressman Nicholas Longworth of Ohio and the President’s daughter, Alice Lee Roosevelt. It must have been quite the “thrill” to be among the 800 guests. Postcards with photos of the bride and groom went on sale a few days before the 1906 ceremony. Collectors still search for those rare cards.

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