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  • Where Was It Made – Part X – Thread

    Where Was It Made – Part X – Thread

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    [elementor-template id=”3378″] Where Was It Made – Part X – Thread Have you ever thought about thread? It may be that few people have. Consequently, we are going to learn about thread together. But first, it is only cotton thread that we are learning about. We will leave silk, silk thread and all things-silk to…

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Donald T. Matter, Jr.


It is rare for a Hollywood actor to have a mother who is equally famous. Maud Humphrey was such a person. Her famous son, Humphrey Bogart, star of more than 70 movies, was her only son. Maud gained her fame as an artist and illustrator. In her long career she produced nearly 30,000 illustrations for greeting cards, advertisements, magazine articles and juvenile literature. But, she was never a postcard artist. We who collect postcards, however, are able to enjoy her art because card publishers recognized how popular her art was and knew cards with her pictures would sell by the millions. Along with her story are some examples of her illustrations for the Butterick Corporation.

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