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Dr. Daniel Friedman

Livermore and Knight

Pioneer Postcard Publishers

Starting in the early Pioneer Period, the early 1890s, the Livermore and Knight firm created some of the most innovative and creative advertising postcards ever printed.  Their early cards, made between 1892 and 1898 (numbers 1 through 188) were always done in color and were single cards with add-ons, hidden pouches or designed with bags that contained a printed advertisement on a separate, folded, piece of paper.

Livermore & Knight #265 showing the real string attached from the postcard through a hole near the top to the folded advertisement message.  These cards are frequently found without the string and message.

Livermore & Knight #187 showing the message attached to the tail of the middle duck.  The card has a pouch designed to allow the tail to be pulled out with the message.

Livermore & Knight #325 showing the add-on grindstone that is made of sandpaper.  The card may be termed a mechanical as the wheel is inserted in the slit and may be turned on a metal pivot.

Detail of the address side of a standard size Livermore & Knight postcard showing a matching design to the one seen on card #187 above.

Apparently, these cards were sold by salesmen who helped write the copy to be included.  We find examples of L&K cards with different messages from advertisers in several different cities and states.

After the close of the classic Pioneer Period (1898) Livermore & Knight added new flourishes and developed cards that were masterpieces.  The newer cards were oversized cards and often had unusual die-cut add-ons.

Livermore & Knight #308 showing the add-on water wheel that is made of printed paper.  This oversize postcard may also be termed a mechanical as the wheel is inserted in the slit and may be turned on a metal pivot.

The last Livermore & Knight cards in the period 1901 to 1910 were further changed into fold-over cards with printed messages on the inside.  The genius of the fold-over cards is the rare touch of inspired graphics melded with great punch lines.

For those interested in collecting Livermore & Knight postcards, a checklist is available.

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what beautiful cards these are. L&K cards were very innovative and cleaver . thanks for sharing

Just opened you site, so glad I did, I find it fascinating!

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So how do we get the checklist?

Is the checklist available?

Checking again, is the Livermore & Knight checklist available? I have a few cards I’ve never seen pictured before. Thanks for your help. C.

I am working on an updated LK checklist with pictures. You can contact me. bt

Found among all the genealogy documents a card # 156 copyrighted 1897. A frog under a broken cup. The company advertised is The Royal Tailors out of Chicago, IL

Can you send me a scan of that card #156. I am working on an updated checklist with pictures..
Go to the internet and type in “Livermore and Knight Printed matter advertising cards” to see a U tube I did 2 yrs ago. bob t.

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