December 22, 2019

Author: Bob Toal

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is one of America’s most well known and admired memorials. In spite of its popularity the story is not well known. This bit of American History is well recorded in Bob Toal’s postcard collection.

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An Unassuming Postcard has Historical Significance

There are two piece of American history that will fascinate historians forever: the Civil War and America’s involvement in World War II. These events were measures of every character trait found in mankind. Honor, courage, fear, justice, integrity, greed, hatred, forgiveness, tolerance, valor and audacity are only a few adjectives that describe the generations of men who fought in these wars. History was cruel to many, but fair and compassionate to others. Learn about a man challenged by history but lived and talked about it.

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Vintage Postcard Folder

Nobody Collects View Folders

We all know that view folders are the step-children of the Postcard King and Queen. Folders will never receive the Card of the Year Award. Why do folders get so little respect? Many collectors express varied ideas, but a reasonable answer is, no one knows. If there is anyone who has a better notion, he is Bob Toal. After you read Bob’s article you may change your mind about folders.

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Vintage Mansfield Post Card

The Mansfield Bar

The press said Jayne Mansfield was decapitated when her car rear-ended a semi. It wasn’t true, but a movement arose to put safety bars on the rear of every truck. And they’re called . . .

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